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Carolina, I totally agree with you that PD is something that any teacher worth their salt seeks on their own because they are interested in their craft. I do think, however, that 100 hours per school year (the requirement here at my school) can be a bit off-putting for busy teachers. In the US, for example, professionals are usually required to have about 32 hours of PD per year in order to maintain professional credentials in their fields. I think this is much more reasonable, as I like to explore PD in complementary areas outside of languages: computer programming, animation, etc. It's almost impossible to fit other interests in. I just signed up for 8 Udemy courses that normally priced between $100-$300/USD were on advance Black Friday sale for $10 each. I really need to add 5 more hours to the day to get through those. I'll find a way, but it will take some very creative time management and stress to fit all that in.

I too don't understand why more teachers don't actively connect with each other via technology or even face-2 face. It befuddles me. This was a driving force behind my 2008 keynote talk at MexTESOL in Leon, Connectivity - Personal Learning Networks for 21st-Century Teachers: .... Thanks Carolina ... your posts are both super inspirational and affirming!

Frank Stonehouse (ITESM, Morelia), Nov 24 2015 on